Sandy Hook Elementary – We Will Never Forget.

On this day five years ago, America was horrified by the tragic murder of 20 students and six teachers in a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

The memory of the innocent children whose lives were brutally taken on that dreadful day will forever be etched in our hearts, along with the teachers who died trying to protect them. All Americans should be appalled that a mass shooting occurs in our country every NINE OUT OF TEN DAYS on average.

The victims and survivors of mass shootings like Sandy Hook, The Pulse, and The Las Vegas Massacre will forever be our strength as we continue to battle for strong gun control policies that will prevent future mass shootings. Strong policies are created and supported by strong lawmakers who base their decisions on what’s best for their constituents and our country, not based on a backroom handshake with the highest bidder.

I know that no other developed nation comes close to the rate of gun violence in America, and I vow that my votes will not be for sale when I go to Washington to represent District 8 and the state of Arizona. I will have no blood on my hands.