Want Progress in Preventing Domestic Violence? Start With Guns.

Each week, the national media plays out another gruesome tragedy where some deranged shooter with an arsenal of heavy weaponry goes on an anger-filled rampage. To our horror, we learn crazed gunman murdered innocent victims who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path of the assassin.

Often, we discover these massacres began with a premeditated attack against a spouse or partner. Or we hear the perpetrator had a history of violence, but still managed to obtain weapons – and many times, they are found with a stockpile of high capacity magazines for their firearms.

Instead of offering meaningless thoughts and prayers after these tragedies, why don’t we do something to make real progress on the issue?

The NRA and their supporters don’t want you to make the connection between gun ownership and domestic violence, but the statistics bear out one grim reality.

Domestic violence coupled with gun ownership usually means death for the target victim.

The statistics are shocking:

· A woman living in the US is more likely to be killed than those living elsewhere.

· Victims of domestic violence by gun have a rate of death 12 times higher than those using other weapons.

· Abuse victims are five times as likely to be killed if the attacker owns a gun.

· Over half of all murdered women were killed by a gun.

Many Second Amendment enthusiasts point to a law already in place, the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban (aka Lautenberg Amendment) which bans access to firearms for those convicted of domestic violence. It was a significant first step, but it doesn’t require these individuals surrender any weapons they possess at the time of the conviction.

I do know one thing. When the gun lobby is in bed with Washington politicians, the will of the American public will not be reflected in our laws. In 2017, pro-gun influence peddlers spent $7.8 million to make sure that our voices for change would not be heard. Many politicians have made it clear they won’t even consider making any restrictions to the laws to save the lives of domestic violence victims even if every individual in Arizona supports the measure.

So if you want sensible gun laws, then vote for candidates who are not in the pocket of the NRA and have been vocal where they stand on the issue of rational gun legislation like myself.