Are We Any Better Than the Republicans?

There is a madman in the White House.

The subject of Donald Trump’s fitness is no longer up for debate as rank and file Republicans have begun whispering what the rest of the country has been screaming about since last November.

The Russian usurper sitting in the Oval Office — the geriatric man shuffling around the White House in a bathrobe who is tweeting our country into becoming the most despised nation on earth — is universally regarded as unhinged, mentally impaired, and dangerous. Legions of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are speaking out because the potential for global annihilation is more important than the ethical considerations of diagnosing a public figure.

As the ever-widening special counsel investigation closes in and we learn more details on how the election was stolen, we turn our attention to how we can fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

We see that our founding fathers had the foresight to include provisions for the removal of such a problem. Before we invoke the 25th Amendment, we have many other options at our disposal.

Trump could be impeached for his violation of the emoluments clause. Or at a bare minimum, his family members could be extricated from their cushy positions under the same provision. GOP members that control the Ways and Means Committee or House of Representatives could request his tax returns and release them to make his conflicts of interest public. Congress could efficiently neuter the mad dog by refusing to support his failed policies or promote his hateful agenda, and then work with Democrats to draft reasonable legislation, bypassing him altogether. Individual members of Republican leadership could take turns publicly speaking against his vile rhetoric and thereby serving notice to the world that Trump stands alone. Or, at best, they could refuse to talk in support of his dangerous policies.

Instead, the GOP put party before the interests of this country. They seized an opportunity to further their agenda with a patsy in the White House. They became indolent in their responsibilities to the citizenry and ignored the desperate pleas of the voters who flooded their offices with thousands of telephone calls, and untold numbers of social media campaigns. Republicans dodged townhalls, refused to meet with constituents, and excused the insanity as they took advantage of the situation to serve their wealthy donors and special interest groups.

We are rightfully angry that the GOP has failed to do their job.

But we Americans also have work to do. And if we fail to do it, we are no better than them.

If the American public does not vote to remove the Republican majority from Congress so we can deal with the Trump problem, then this becomes a problem we have ignored.

If we claim we are too busy or too tired to get involved in our local political organizations, then we are no different than Ryan, McConnell, Sessions and all the rest of the Good Ol’ Boys club.

If we stay silent all day about the wrongs we are enduring only to go home to watch television, or surf the web while our institutions burn to the ground, we get what we deserve.

I get it – you are tired of fighting windmills. You are tired of the insanity. You and your family are barely getting by because our leaders have ruined any chances of staying in the middle class. You don’t know what can do, and if your best will even make a difference. Even small efforts will help us overcome.

Please give money, even if it is only a few dollars. Please consider making a small recurring donation as that helps to gauge how much money we can rely on each month. And if you don’t know what the best use of your funds is, choose one of the many exceptional groups that support Democratic causes.

Volunteering your time and expertise will be much appreciated. Simply find a candidate in your area you want to support and send an email. If you have any unique skills, be sure to mention it in your communication. We need your help putting up signs, canvassing neighborhoods, designing campaign materials, registering voters, filling out petitions – the list is quite long.

Attend a rally or protest and bring a friend.

Organize a rally or protest.

Talk to your family and coworkers, especially the conservative members, and help educate them on the dire situation in our country. Convince them that they don’t have to make a permanent change in party affiliation, but only help us elect new leadership in the midterms. We need Republicans to cross party lines.

Blog about political issues, and share articles on social media.

Run for office.

If you have complained that you wanted the GOP to “do something,” then you too must “do something.”

If you and I can’t make a minimal effort to change the course of our nation, then are we any better than the Republican leadership?

My name is Brianna Westbrook, and I am a candidate for the House of Representatives in Arizona’s Congressional District 8. I ask you to support all our Democratic candidates in 2018 and me so we can take our country back.

Join me in doing something.