Putting the GOP Tax Scam in Perspective.

Take a moment and think about how a multi-millionaire would relate to a Sun City senior citizen struggling to get by on social security.

How would someone who has experienced a life of ease and great privilege ever understand what it is like to have to choose between buying medicine and food?

How would an individual who takes a limo to work, who hobnobs the world’s elite, who has fancy homes, ever understand what it is like to worry about losing their Medicare or Medicaid?

Or what it is like to work two jobs, live in absolute poverty and still not be able to afford an essential car to share among the three hard-working adults in your household? Yes, I see this every day, but you don’t because no one is interviewing the regular folks on television.

To many Arizonans, people considered solidly middle class, one unexpected $500 bill would wipe them out. We won’t even go into what happens to poor folks. Owning a car is the new American dream, and owning real estate is now a fantasy. Most of us are living so close to the edge, that even a 1% increase in expenses would spell doom.

Arizona can expect a Tax increase under the GOP Tax Plan.
So how could the wealthiest Americans ever understand our plight?

We should ask the wealthiest member of Congress, my opponent in Arizona’s District 8, Representative Trent Franks and GOP spokesman for the disastrous tax scam being foisted on the American public. You may recognize his name as he has been making the rounds on the conservative “news” programs, desperately seeking support for legislation which will decimate the middle class and kill the poor.

Of course, Franks is in favor of it, because this will mean a huge tax break for him and his heirs. Just don’t expect any of these talking heads to ask him how his children will benefit by raising the threshold of the estate tax to a whopping $11 million or how he feels about stripping away health care from hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.

For someone like Trent Franks, a bump in his expenses of 1% would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $360,000. But the difference is that Franks doesn’t have to spend everything he has each month just to survive. In reality, it would have to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million before he feels it as keenly as you or I do.

Do you think he can even fathom what it is like to genuinely struggle financially? Do you think he cares about you and your problems?

Congress is so dissociated from the middle class that they do not understand that most Americans will self-identify being far worse off than they ever have been in their lives – the Washington GOP fat cats are doing everything to make it worse. It is so bad that if an election were held today with a generic Republican running against an unnamed Democrat, the GOP candidate would lose by 11 points – everywhere, even in Trumpland. That is shockingly bad, and yet the Republicans do not care and will not change their position.

Their policies are so unpopular that it is predicted they will lose in unprecedented numbers next year. You would think this would make them change their mind, but it does not. This is how little regard they have for the voters they are supposed to represent.

This is why we must vote out the multi-millionaire Republicans from Congress. They only way we’re going to start taking care of poor and middle-class Americans is if we elect officials who can relate to their plight and will act in their interests.

My name is Brianna Westbrook, and I care about your struggle.