Thank you for your support. #Turn8Blue

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported our campaign thus far personally. One of the ways you have shown your support is by reading the weekly post on current events that I share on Facebook and other social media avenues.

Sharing these posts will spread my message that our campaign platform is founded on, and is an effective method to spread the progressive values that Americans are yearning for in our government.

This is a perfect time to re-visit our platform and share the principles on which I plan to represent the people of Arizona and our nation:

Health care as a right. This issue is one that impacts every citizen of this country, from the poor, sick, women, children, veterans and taxpayers. The United States spends more on health care than any other nation in the world, yet provides the least amount of coverage, this must stop, and we must adopt a universal health care system to ensure all citizens have access to quality medical care. We must end the policy of allowing private, for-profit companies to dictate the quality and type of care we receive and put the decision making powers in the hands of doctors and other health care professionals.

Protecting women’s issues. Even with all the progress made in this country regarding equality, women still make less than men that do the same work in their respective professional fields. Women still are subjected to harassment in the workplace, far more than men are exposed to, and our current lawmakers willfully ignore this problem. Most importantly, the assault on the reproductive rights of women is more prevalent than ever. Lawmakers continue to attack Planned Parenthood and deny women the right to procreate on their terms which are a direct violation of our Constitution.

Education. Education is the key to economic growth. By investing in the youth of this nation, we form the foundation for progressive movement and competitiveness, helping to move forward the existence of mankind. Education has led to medical breakthroughs, scientific advancement, and innovations that simplify daily tasks. Every person should have the opportunity to become their best, and education is the foundation of that progress.

Environment. The vast majority of scientists have determined that our planet is in danger of suffering irreversible harm due to Global Warming. The correlation of rising global temperatures is related to the increase of carbon pollutants in our atmosphere. Even now, while winter is the season in the Southern Hemisphere, an ice shelf the size of Delaware has melted and broken off from Antarctica and is now contributing to rising sea levels. There is no denying these facts.

So please, share the messages on this page and bring awareness to the truth of what is happening in this country and around the world. Together, we can build the future that moves us toward acceptance and inclusiveness.