The Women’s March, 2018

The 2017 election of Donald Trump resulted in the Women’s March on Washington, a surge of over four million women and men who took to the streets of America. They gathered to raise a loud, unified voice protesting the inauguration of a president who had openly promised during his campaign to reinvigorate the sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, grotesque underbelly of our nation.

In the tumultuous year since, reform groups have proliferated across the U.S., galvanized not by hate or greed, but by the strength of the human spirit, and a commitment to America’s original promise of liberty and justice for all.

One year of the Trump presidency has only further revealed the vile, unconscionable political games being played in Washington, where human lives are wagered like plastic chips in a poker game, and traded on the stock market alongside pork bellies.

Some of America’s so-called ‘leaders’ believe that reform groups face a formidable challenge in our fight to defend human rights. This isn’t surprising, as we’ve seen repeatedly, under the watchful eyes of the world, that this administration excels at spinning colorful tales of what they wish to be true, and believing their own heroic stories, too.

As those in the Trump administration continue to boast of their egregious efforts to dismantle American democracy, they continuously overlook the brewing storm of civil unrest gaining strength across the U.S. Apparently, they’re not aware of the laws of nature. A tornado is formed when cold air from above traps the warm air beneath it. When warm air is oppressed by cold air, and cannot move upward, it begins to rotate, rise, and gain strength. The resulting powerful tornado can reach twisting speeds of over 200 mph, covering up to ten miles. This storm reaches the farthest corners of the United States.

The Trump administration’s apparent prejudices and desire for draconian laws reveal a regime which no more represents democracy and the spirit of America, than does Vladimir Putin. The nationwide Women’s Marches are not isolated acts of protestation by women, for women, but rather gatherings of Americans and our guests who understand and appreciate the diversity that built America, and which has made her beautiful and strong. Maya Angelou said,

You may write me down in history

With your bitter, twisted lies,

You may trod me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I’LL RISE.

This destructive administration has essentially declared war on the freedoms and human rights promised to America by our forefathers, and we, the people, will continue to rise in protest, powered by the knowledge of what is just and true. With each act of oppression, we will merely gain strength and rise again.

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