Endorsement Alert – Our Revolution West Valley

Our Revolution Arizona West Valley is proud to endorse Brianna Westbrook for U.S. House of Representatives District 8 in the Northwest Valley. Her dedication and knowledge will be so important to represent us in Washington. She has been a great asset to our group and is getting set up to win the special election for the vacant seat.


Mary McGuirk, Director Our Revolution Arizona West Valley

I’m honored to accept an endorsement from Our Revolution Arizona West Valley. Like many Americans, I became increasingly stunned and outraged this past year, as I’ve watched greed, hate, and fascism morph into national cancer in Washington, DC, under the cloak of “rebuilding our nation.” As this malevolence spread, my anger could have overwhelmed or empowered me, and I chose the latter. I entered the race to represent Arizona’s 8th Congressional District with a focus on what I can give to this country, not what I can take. I will continue to fight for protection of equal rights and equal protection for all, and against division of people and classes, but instead for utilizing our nation’s many inherent strengths and resources to reaffirm America’s promise to be a beacon to the world – so we are true, once again, a bold nation providing equal opportunity for all who call her home.

Brianna Westbrook
U.S. House Candidate
Arizona’s 8th Congressional District