The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill is a Failure.

The Graham-Cassidy health care bill is a failure. No one, not even the insurance companies like it.

In fact, any legislation proposed by the GOP is doomed because the goal has not been to address the needs of Americans, but to repeal Obamacare at all costs and wrap it in spin that it solves the problem of millions losing coverage. If the Republicans can save their wealthy donors a few bucks and line the coffers of their corporate masters, that is even better still.

This latest incarnation of government-sponsored suffering was truly heinous in that it was designed to end the protections of the ACA and avoid the wrath of the public by placing responsibility on the states. Like Pontius Pilot, states would see funding cut, and cease covering pre-existing conditions while the GOP washed their hands of the problem as millions lost healthcare. The Republicans could simply blame the states while they kept their hold on the House and Senate.

They are in for a rude awakening next year.

The reason GOP schemes don’t work is that the goal isn’t affordable healthcare for everyone, they just lack the ethics and backbone to admit it. Instead, they are desperately seeking a measure which will somehow end Obamacare while painting them as heroes or at least not villains before the crucial midterms.

The solution is to address the fundamental question of whether Americans have a right to health care regardless of their ability to pay, regardless of pre-existing conditions without it being priced in such a way as to make it effectively inaccessible. We have already answered that as a society. We know you can’t have a vibrant economy when appendicitis can bankrupt people, or families watch a loved one die because you can’t afford their meds. Whether the GOP likes it or not, Americans want to join the rest of the civilized world and treat their society like human beings.

So the question becomes how best to do it? I support Bernie Sanders plan of negotiating drug prices and adopting a single-payer model. This is what the public wants, what serves America the best, and addresses pre-existing conditions, Medicaid, as well as Medicare. It prevents people from having to relocate to states which provide better health care. It ends this insanity.

Most importantly, if we adopt a single-payer model, it stops the Republicans from playing political pinball with the lives of millions of Americans.