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Individual Endorsements

Time For Change

It’s time we had a representative actually represent the people. Time that we ended the echo chamber of for profit politics. Time for the USA to finally catch up to every other developed nation in healthcare. Stop the privatization prisons. Pay people a living wage that catches up with inflation. These are all very big steps, but it starts with the small step of voting for the people who actually care about the American people and not their wallets.

Cory Yambor

Brianna Westbrook is an essential

Brianna Westbrook is an essential candidate, whose position on minorities and general policies is much needed in the current congress.

Estelle Saignes

Replace Franks with Briana Westbrook for the good of the state. “Make AZ great Again”

We need Brianna to represent all citizens of District 8 and not just the special interests groups that backed disgraced Congressman Frank. Vote early and if not registered yet…do it today.

Joyce Rosen

It needs to be shown

It needs to be shown that the country can be run by more than just old rich white men, and we need representatives who care about those they elect.

Mr. Mitchell Dominic Everts

Brianna Represents the Future of America

Be on the right side of the history of America as we move forward out of these dark times. Brianna has lived through such darkness and has the experience to guide us back into the light, where the United States is truly the greatest democracy in the world!

Charles Crevequer

Go Brianna

Good luck.

Willie Polk

I’m proud to endorse Brianna Westbrook.

Although I no longer live in Surprise, Arizona, I did grow up and go to high school there. I know Surprise and Peoria like the back of my hand–almost as well as I know my own Mesa. Brianna Westbrook is a woman who will fight for the working class constituents of the West Valley, and her campaign has the energy, enthusiasm, and policy positions to enact real change in #Arizona.

Johnny Martin

Czardom HIH Prince Michael Endorses

I Prince Michael, endorse Brianna for Congress.
Protect those in greatest need before your greed.
Public service duty to serve public interest not your interest.
Intrinsic values of the 7 virtues of:
Inclusion language within acts

Michael Collins-Frias

She will make America great

She will make America great again for all not just for the rich.

Paul Didominick

A leader

Brianna is a leader for the community and a voice for Washington.

Christine Sturrock

I fully endorse this candidate.

I fully endorse this candidate. Justice democrats are the future.


I was captivated by her story and her platform

Earlier last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Brianna Westbrook. She’s running for Congress in vacant AZ-08, and I was captivated by her story and her platform. She’s a working women who grew up in poverty, and she’s faced great adversity to live her true identity. She unapologetically supports progressive legislation, like Medicare-for-all, Tusi Gabbard’s OFF Act, and free tuition for public universities and community colleges.

If elected, she’d be the first transgender person to serve in Congress. I’m proud to support her candidacy because she’d make a superb representative for the people of Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, and Litchfield Park.

Dylan Hendel

Brianna Westbrook has shown how much she cares about the community

Brianna Westbrook has shown how much she cares about the community. As a Hispanic Community Advocate, every Democrat candidate is great though, Brianna is my choice!

Jose Guadalupe

True progressive

I endorse Brianna Westbrook because not only will she be a progressive champion but because she will not be corrupted by corporations and uber wealthy donors. Running as a Justice Democrat confirmed she cannot and will not be a corporate pawn.

Jeffery C Fetterhoff

The Right Side of History

Brianna is one of the strongest people I know. She’s a working class mom who knows how her votes affect real people, and that makes her exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington. She’s going to work and fight for you and me, not millionaires and corporations.

Jake Bell

Brianna cares about human beings over corporate profits

Brianna supports programs that make our lives better. On topics such as education, health care, the environment, taxes and free speech, she is on the side of the people, not corporations or grifting government tax grabs.

Vicki Smith

excellent leader for all people

Brianna would be a excellent leader in Washington for all people.

Charlie Awawdeh

Brianna is exactly what our country needs

Brianna is exactly what our country needs in Washington. She is devoted to creating a better world for all.

TiffanyJoy McDanel

I totally support Brianna Westbrook!

I totally support Brianna Westbrook! She would be an amazing Representative for our district!

Gary Hamilton Sr

Brianna is just the woman for the job

Brianna is just the woman for the job. She has strong leadership skills and a work ethic stronger than anyone I know.

Sam Slater

Folks, we have a strong candidate here!

I was so impressed with Brianna’s comments last Tuesday at the LD 20 meeting. Can’t wait to see her debate Trent Franks! Folks, we have a strong candidate here!

Kitty Williams Kaczmarek

she keeps her promises

Great person, neighbor and friend. Fun and loving. Most of all , she keeps her promises and if you need her she drop all and help you in any way she can. Very honest and loyal

Cristina Bardi Garrison

Go Brianna!

Teachers help form society as well as our kids and grandchildren in our society. Which is common sense that is too often sweep under the rug. I endorse Brianna Westbrook. Go Brianna!

Cary Davis

She will do great things

The most no-bullshit woman I’ve ever met. She is a straight shooter and one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever had the pleasure to befriend. If anyone knows hard knocks, it’s Brianna Westbrook! She will do great things and I can’t wait to witness it.

Heather Rhodes

I wholeheartedly endorse Brianna Westbrook

I wholeheartedly endorse Brianna Westbrook ’18 for US Rep for AZ Dist 8. She is the whole package – the stamina and determination to fight the long fight, a heart that cares for the people of AZ, she’s able to think on her feet and eloquently express what she desires for her constituents and our country, unsurpassed leadership skills and she does it all with a great sense of pride, honor and integrity.

Linda Russell Parrino