Medicare Recipients in Sun City or Surprise, You Need to Read This

No one is telling you this, but your Medicare coverage is in danger.

In the past, some lawmakers wanted to radically restructure Medicare, but they had little support in Congress to do so. We have all heard the talk over the years. Many seniors have ignored this threat, believing the government “would never touch Medicare”, and that they were immune to the political machinations of the health care debate.

Don’t be fooled that the politicians in Washington are going to protect you. What is happening to the rest of the country is going to happen to you next. And your so-called leaders are telling you this, but you may not be listening.

If you live in Sun City, Sun City West or Surprise, and you’re on Medicare, you should know that your House Representative, Trent Franks, believes that your Medicare health insurance coverage should be privatized.

“I consistently oppose health care proposals that wrested control of the American health care industry from the hands of private organizations and turn it over to the federal government…. This nation needs a complete transformation of the health care industry, similar to the successful free-market reforms in the telecommunication industry.”

Yes, Franks wants to resign your care to the hands of the big insurance. He’ll make outlandish claims that prices will “stabilize”, but that is double speak, carefully worded smooth talking that means prices will not go down. He certainly won’t promise you that every single Medicare recipient will receive better coverage. He can’t because the goal is not to cover Americans but provide more money for corporate interests.

When the government fails to deliver on its promises to those in need, Franks believes that Washington has no responsibility to pick up the pieces, that the community and churches should provide support. And if they don’t, you’re tough out of luck.

What will happen if this travesty passes?

We can look at the federal government’s own report for an answer. Franks voted for the AHCA, a bill which the Congressional Budget Office said would raise premiums for older Americans “substantially.” This isn’t some liberal organization offering an opinion, but a non-partisan, federal office grading the effects of the bill. The older and poorer you are, the higher your premiums will be. Trent Franks believes that a 64-year-old American should pay 60% of their income for health care. He VOTED for this, and it was no mistake.

Now ask yourself, did your insurance go down after enrolling in Medicare?

Of course, it did, because the government controls the prices, which Franks and his buddies in Washington are telling you that they want to remove. He wants the “free market” to dictate prices, which means that only those that can afford an MRI, cataract surgery, or dialysis will get it.

Now, I know that Franks talks a good game, because after all, his constituency is pretty much seniors and he thinks they don’t really follow what he says and how he votes. Anyone who would raise premiums for a 64-year-old to such outlandish levels isn’t going to do anything different for you.

What you will note is that Franks will not go on the record to protect Medicare. He will talk about “reform” as if it is going to make the system better, but what he really wants to do is put big business in charge of your healthcare. And like the older Americans under the AHCA, you’re going to see your premiums rise to a level where you cannot afford health care when you need it most.

I am running to be your representative in the House, and I WILL promise you that I will protect Medicare. I am going on the record that I will not vote for any measure which reduces coverage for any senior, I believe we need to control drug prices, and that every individual American, including those who have worked and contributed their entire lives, deserves health care without regard to their ability to pay.

Trent Franks does not.

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