Veteran’s Letter of Endorsement


My name is Peter Delacroix, and I’m writing this letter in support of Brianna Westbrook.

As a veteran, retired from the Navy Reserve as a Corpsman after 25 years and several deployments to Afghanistan, as well as a Paramedic with my local Fire Department, I want to share with all of you why I am endorsing Brianna for Congress, and why you should give her your support, and your vote.

First and foremost, I believe Brianna will fight for everyone’s human right to quality medical care, regardless of their ability to pay or health status. This is one of my biggest concerns. As someone who has worked in emergency medicine for over twenty years, I remember the terrible days before the Affordable Care Act, when for-profit insurance companies used arbitrary ‘rules’ to deny people coverage, when people couldn’t afford the premiums, when they were forced to choose between buying food for their children or paying for their insurance premiums. No one should have to worry if they can afford to pay for medical care without going into crushing debt.

Like Brianna, I support Medicare for All, because everyone should have access to quality health care, regardless of their situation, their health status, or their ability to pay. As our Founders wrote in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Health care, and unfettered access to it, is without doubt an inalienable right. For many, it is the difference between living and dying.

As a Paramedic in the days before ACA, I watched with a sense of helplessness and frustration as I was called out time after time to render emergency care and transport for uninsured/underinsured Americans who were unable to afford even the cost of a visit to the Doctor’s office for treatment of what was at that time an easily treatable illness.

Instead, fearing the cost of treatment, these patients waited until their condition was critical, requiring the intervention of EMS and a long stay in ICU – if they even survived. The result was that hospital Emergency Departments were swamped with these patients, and many hospitals – especially those serving rural communities – had to shut their ERs or face closure.

There is a considerable economic impact when you flood the system with the critically ill uninsured, not to mention the tragic human toll. For want of a simple visit to the doctor for treatment of an easily-managed condition, people suffer and die.

There is no reason why, in one of the richest countries on earth, that people should die due to an easily treatable illness. It’s shameful.

In addition to Brianna’s commitment to health care for all, I also support her goal to end the practice of private prisons, which are nothing more than sanctioned slave labor under the most inhumane conditions. When you make prison a for-profit enterprise, abuse will follow. Operators of private prisons are motivated by profit to fill beds, not rehabilitate and train the incarcerated for a life outside prison.. The only thing private prisons accomplish is increase recidivism at the expense of those incarcerated.

I’m very impressed that Brianna will not take contributions from big corporations or wealthy donors, which shows she is committed to representing the interests of her constituents, not donor money. It’s a rare thing to see nowadays in political candidates.

Please give your vote to Brianna Westbrook, who will stand for what is right, what is needed, what America needs and deserves.


Peter Delacroix, USNR (ret)
NREMT-P, CMA, ATLS and TECC Instructor