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My name is Brianna Westbrook

I was born in Mesa and had a tumultuous childhood with drug-addicted young parents who were sometimes overcome by life’s challenges. I often cared for my younger siblings and myself, but I have no regrets.  Where other people may have seen obstacles in life, I have seized opportunities.

I’ve worked and lived in Peoria for eleven years, in Congressional District 8 and Legislative District 22.

At 30-years-old I took my first step into politics as a concerned citizen when I addressed the Phoenix City Council regarding a civil rights issue. It was one of those nights that can change the direction of our lives forever if we let it.  Although I’d come to the council meeting to deliver an important message, I walked away with a more significant gift, as if a door had been opened to me.

At the council meeting, I spoke for others with the voice of Brianna Westbrook, the activist.  After last year’s election, when I expressed my frustration at the state of our nation, a colleague had quipped, “Relax, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I couldn’t relax, so instead, I began to speak up as Brianna Westbrook, candidate for political office.  After 11 years as a professional in the automotive sales industry, I’ve met countless Arizonans from throughout the state, heard their personal stories, and learned of the myriad of needs and challenges faced by everyday Arizonans.

I’ve established a trusting relationship with neighboring schools, businesses, and Democratic and Republican constituents from my district and around the state.  I listen with compassion and move forward with the robust negotiating skills needed to bring the voices of Legislative District 22 to our state’s capital.

The fact that I was Arizona’s first openly transgender candidate to run for the U.S. House of Representatives shows I don’t back down from a fight, and in fact, we garnered together nearly 40% of the vote in my run for Congressional District 8 last February.

I proudly carry with me the endorsements I’ve received from numerous progressive political organizations.  I thank Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, Progressive Democrats of America and Run with Pride for their support in my current run for Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 22.

The attention our campaign has received has sent one loud and clear message: TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE. With your support, my campaign will press onward in the face of misplaced passion, hatred, and misunderstanding, because silence and inaction are no longer options, and from now on, tyranny’s attempts to silence us will only serve to strengthen our resolve.

Brianna Westbrook