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Project Description



Healthcare costs continue to be a burden for people no matter what their income.


Healthcare costs continue to be a burden for people no matter what their income. We have also seen lately in the news how vital mental and preventative healthcare is yet many cannot afford to get the help they need. In office I want to expand AHCCCS and protect KidsCare, invest in senior care facilities and programs and increase funding for preventative and mental health care.

This will help us

  • Promote Wellness

    Many illnesses can be aided by alternative health care measures such as chiropractic, physical therapy, nutritional and wellness counseling, but unlike opioids, these services are often not covered by conventional insurance companies. I would propose that alternative therapies be included in AHCCCS coverage to reduce patients’ use of opioids and decrease medical bills due to reduced needs for services or procedures.

  • Address Doctor Shortage

    Arizona should be at the forefront of offering pathways to reduced-fee or loan-forgiveness education to doctors who commit to working in under-served areas within our state after graduation. The same is true for professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, mental health, and addictions.

  • Increase Availability of Mental Health Services

    Finding sufficient mental health services for children and adults presents numerous challenges for people with insurance and is next to impossible for those without. Overcrowded mental health facilities throughout the state have stringent requirements for entry because we need more professionals and more facilities. Also, I would work to break down negative stereotypes about seeking mental health services.

  • Promote Semi-Independent Senior Living

    Programs exist which allow family members, friends, and para-professionals to assist seniors with daily living tasks, transportation, home modifications, and more, so they can retain a maximum amount of independence. Often people don’t know of assistance that’s available as alternatives to full-time assisted living when expensive, full-time care isn’t needed. I would like to support existing programs and promote the development of more programs that provide healthy alternatives to full-time assisted living for seniors.