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I Support the People’s Platform

A Progressive Platform That Puts the Interests of the American People First.


Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” – Cesar Chavez

The most profound quality required for survival of any creature, entity or society is adaptability. “American culture” only exists by having ridden in on the coat-tails of dozens of older, more deeply rooted societies. Although the United States has not always succeeded in living up to her promise of being the land of equal opportunity, the most keen and prudent quality required for a society to thrive and succeed is equal parts rights and accountability.

We cannot change our actions of the past, but we can learn from them today, and reshape the America that we leave for future generations. The very fabric of our society is woven with multicolored threads and yarns created thru the ages, reaching back hundreds of years into our world’s history.

I support a comprehensive, humane approach to immigration that keeps families together, as “…the family is the bedrock of our nation,” as so aptly stated by the GOP. In Congress, I will work in partnership with my colleagues, not adhere to partisanship, but to formulate the most equitable solution for both border security and adherence to our promises and obligations to the world, and to ourselves.