Project Description



Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S.


Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. We are in one of the more unique environments in the country in that we do not receive much rainfall through the year. We need sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure that can grow with us in an organized and sensible manner.

This is why I want to

  • Extend Mass Transit

    In Legislative District 22 and much of the west valley of Phoenix, we have bus stops built but no bus services that use them. I want to provide in the budget resources for the Department of Transportation and cities to extend mass transit to parts of the state that need it most. Many businesses are missing out on revenue (particularly in the west valley) since we do not have the light rail or bus service in places where significant portions of the population need it. I frequently hear senior members of the community tell me they would visit downtown but they are afriad to drive on the highway because of  heavy traffic.

  • Implement Municipal Broadband

    Internet access is necessary for today’s workforce and education system. The U.S. has some of the slowest speeds and highest costs for access of the first world countries. Some alternatives have been successful in providing robust yet affordable internet access. In the conservative-led state Tennessee, they have had tremendous success implementing Municipal Broadband. A public internet option will help keep broadband providers accountable for their services and pricing. We also could introduce consumer protection policies like Net Neutrality to ensure your privacy and rights are protected.  We can pay for Municipal Broadband through things like revenue bonds or internal department loans.