Brianna is Accessible – Voter Endorsement

No matter your R, D, or I political affiliation, Brianna Westbrook is the right person to represent our congressional district. After we’ve endured years of Congress stealing our earned ‘entitlements’ and laughing about it, and seeing our Senators and Representatives disregard our attempts to reach them, Brianna is canvassing neighborhoods, speaking at events, and meeting us for coffee. She is passionate about representing you and me, not lobbyists or dark-money PACs from out of state. She’ll carry our hopes and needs to Congress, and vote for her constituents. We’ve desperately needed this change for a long time, and Brianna is the energetic, caring, grassroots person to do it. Brianna can make Arizona proud again —with your support.


Christy K Robinson

Independent voter, Arizona native

Author, church musician, keyboards teacher


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